Recommended Watch of the Month – ‘Listen to me Marlon’

Marlon Brando, possibly the best actor ever. We learn so much from simply listening and looking at people. Getting lost in someone else’s life is a wonderful thing, it puts us in a totally different state. How amazing is it, to be able to steal ourselves away from our own lives for a moment and to look at the world through someone else’s eyes… 

This was one of the most moving, inspirational things I have seen for a long time. I’d finished a day of acting workshops and planning and sat down to flick through channels to see what would catch my eye. Brando is an acting icon yet, someone who I knew very little about until last night. After watching ‘Listen to me Marlon’ I sat in silence for ages, thinking about what I had just seen and how it made me feel. I didn’t say a word to anyone and I went straight to bed. Today I am still totally effected by the footage, the insight into such an icon’s private life and thoughts. It is the most intimate documentary I have ever seen. What a man. What a life. What an overwhelming feeling of strength, passion and sadness.

If you are looking to watch a good documentary then I give this 10/10. It is certainly my recommended watch of the month.