Abbie’s Easter Watch

Hello and Happy Easter to you all! I hope you are having a nice, well deserved break and taking the opportunity to catch up with loved ones this weekend. I am back in the north to help my family with the lambing season for a few days and of course to munch some Easter eggs! I am currently sat in my comfy armchair by the stove and being observed by the loving eyes of my 19 year old tortoise shell cat, Dottie, who has been a member of the family since she was a kitten. We also have a fluffy tabby running loose, she is the newest member of the Steele clan and such a joy to have around, especially in the spring months. Another tortoise shell is asleep in the chair and the one that I call ‘Monkey’ due to her incredible ability of climbing trees and general gibbon like mannerisms, is busy either hunting or snoozing outside.

Peaky Blinders

It has been another tricky decision on what to recommend for you as my ‘Watch of the Month’ this month, there are far too many good shows on TV and in the Theatres at the moment. One show that I haven’t been able to put down is Peaky Blinders – a gritty, raw series set in the aftermath of WWI and focused around a family from Birmingham who call their group the Peaky Blinders. The style, acting, music, direction, everything! the whole production is by far the best current series I have seen and would definitely recommend giving it a watch this weekend if you get the chance.

The Handmaiden

If you are fancying a trip to the cinema instead though, then I have to share with you my amazing experience this week, something brand new to me, that I have heard about, but never found the opportunity to do and that was my invitation to the Secret Cinema X’s production of The Handmaiden – an erotic, period thriller, at the Troxy in Limehouse. From start to finish the experience was wonderful, very strange, but exciting and extremely well done! We were given a time, location and dress code (black tie) and upon entering the grand art deco venue, were made to take a vow of silence as The Master of the House had strictly forbidden talking until permitted to do so. The only communication to be had was through written notes in our notepads. We also had to deliver a letter of devotion to a stranger, which all set the tone for a very fun night ahead.

The film itself was inspired by the novel Fingersmith by Sarah Waters who was in the audience and gave a short speech on stage after the screening. The film provided twist after twist and was interwoven with comedic moments of relief from the intense storyline, moments of which were acted out in the auditorium and reflected the scenes being seen on screen. I don’t want to give too much away, but this film will definitely raise a few eyebrows! Nothing is as it seems. As I said in my notebook to my friend; “Are we watching a porn film?” to which her reply was “yes, but a very good one!”

The Handmaiden an intense East Asian film, centred around sexuality, class and fraud, what more could you ask for…


A x